Roof Cleaning

Why does your roof need to be cleaned?

Cyanobacteria Infestation- Gloeocapsa Magma

The black discoloration and streaks on your roof are actually bacteria!  As they multiply, rain, and gravity cause the streaks you may begin to see on your roof as the bacteria grow and develop their dark, hard, UV-resistant coating.  These bacteria are harmful in numerous ways- it has lead to early replacement of failed roof shingles, higher energy bill costs due to the dark coloration absorbing excessive heat, cancelled insurance policies, and lower valuations for homes on the market.

All leading shingle and roofing manufacturers promote the use of low pressure washing and chemicals to eliminate these bacteria before algae, lichen and moss cause unnecessary damage to your roof.  

We are happy to provide you with industry accepted practices of soft washing to accomplish the cleaning of your roof and instantly enhance curb appeal.

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